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Sunday, February 26, 2006

So Long Torino

If you're like me, you spent the last couple of weeks casually watching highlight reels of the 2006 Olympic games in Torino. Or maybe you didn't. If the reports are to be believed, this year's Olympic broadcast was thoroughly thrashed by competing primetime television. Amazingly, millions continue to tune in to American Idol, in it's 5th... 6th?... incarnation. What is wrong these people? When when I say these people, I mean everyone involved: the viewers, the Idol hopefuls, the patsies, the self-important judges and William Hung's vengeful spirit.

So we bid adieu to another Olympic tournament... a rather groundbreaking one for O' Canada, having raked in a record 24 medals, which put us in third behind Russia and the US in total medal count. Yes, the brains at the IOC might have knew what they were talking about when they initially projected a staggering 25 medal rake-in for our Canadian jocks. Now, high off their prophetic estimate, they are now talking about a 30-35 medal run when the Olympics roll into Vancouver in 2010.

Now that is a miracle... and miracles are the way things ought to be.

But for now, let us bask in our athlete's accomplishments in Turin and try our best to forget the embarrassment that was the Canadian men's ice hockey team. Time to dismantle those bobsled and luge tracks, euthanize those annoying female commentators (sorry to my female readers) and put Brian Williams back into cryo-freeze until 2010.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Still Alive, Still Kicking

Well hello there. This post is more proof that the blog is still alive than anything else. I do have a few things on my mind that I'd liketo expunge pretty soon but I'm eyeing the clock this Tuesday evening and it's a-gettin' late. Ah, not like that's ever stopped me from staying up to tap away at my keyboard. More to the point, it's late and my lids grow heavier.

I did have a bit of drama at the office today. I have a cadre of bosses and superiors where I work, and luckily, they are all very reasonable, likable human beings. One of them, my IT partner in crime, has recently been spending time in Mexico and taken his family along with him. (We are travel agents who manage property for appallingly wealthy tourists). Anyway, it's not uncommon to have these villa renters throw parties and the like, but there's always maid and butlering staff to clean things up for the next guests in line.

Anyway, my boss' 2-year old daughter somehow managed to partially ingest a plastic baggy full of unidentified pills early this morning, thinking it was candy or something. More likely it was either illegal narcotics. Even if it was over the counter stuff, we are talking about a itty bitty girl here and there was no telling how many of the things she ate. Well, she gets knocked unconscious from the mystery drugs and things get crazy.

Fortunatley for everyone involved, that area of Mexico has developed quite nicely over the last decade, so there was a resident doctor nearby with some paramedics who were able to pump out the poor girl's stomach and keep her stabilized. They were anxiously awaiting an airvac to spirit them to a hospital in San Diego when I arrived to the office and got caught up on the news. My other boss was on the phone with her partner and she was in tears. It was a very unnerving way to start the day.

Well, maybe an hour later my boss' girl came to and was walking around again like nothing happened. The last I heard they were still going to take a flight to San Diego to get her completely checked out, which was a very wise decision.

Talk about a close call.