500 Words Per Day

Monday, October 06, 2008

Sick in Melbourne

It's my third day in Melbourne, a lovely city with a vibrant downtown core and weather a little bit too reminiscent of what I'm used to in Vancouver. I've finally broken out the bulky sweater that I packed. It's rained sporadically since my arrival and I was rained in one morning in Sydney a few days ago too, so it's safe to say I've long left the ball-sweating heat of Cairns behind me.

Since I haven't journalised about my trip since my stay in Cairns, I dont' think there's much point in attempting to summarize the rest of my Contiki tour or my brief stay in Sydney. I'll probably do capsule recaps once I return home and talk about things based around themes and observations, rather than a full-blown, tiresome chronologically correct travel summary.

I'm feeling quite under the weather now and have been feeling quite worn down since the tour ended last Friday. I'll be lucky if I can make it to the Melbourne aquarium and complete a few other items on my To-Do list for today. My head is feeling heavy and I can barely focus on writing this post.