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Monday, March 06, 2006

Rock the Vote! - Decide My DJ Name

I decided to delay the second installment of my hard-bitten series on oggling babes at Fitness World with a more pressing matter.

As the 4 people who visit this blog knows, I am a rising DJ megastar teetering on the brink of complete global domination. Yet... pretty much since I first laid hands on a Technics turntable, I've been struggling to find a suitably catchy stage name for myself and have lurched through my initial 2 years of DJ apprenticehood with a unremarkable, yet stalwart, moniker: Clinton M.

Other DJs have gone before me who have used their first name followed by the first letter of their surname. Jimmy van M pops to mind. Local jock, James E also rocks the surname intial. It's all well and good and if I was legally required to, I would be fine with Clinton M for the remainder of my DJing career. But I'm not fine. For one, I don't even like uttering "Clinton M" when people ask what my DJ name is, so it's quite pointless to even keep pretending that I'm happy with the situation.

Where's the pizzaz? Where's the hook that grabs people's ears and makes them say, "Yeah, that's a great name.... I'LL REMEMBER IT"?

Fortunately, my dear old friend helped me get the ball rolling again on my search for a name. Nay, a search for my identity. He came up with a very short list of possibilities that have some good potential. We've been sort of limited by an almost self-imposed restriction of using my last name "Ma" in some kind of clever way.

Anyway, here are some of the candidates for my DJ name. I would love to you... YOU... to chime in by putting in a vote for a name on the list, or better yet, suggesting something that you think reflects my personality as a wonderful human being and/or my mad skills as a mind-bendingly awesome DJ.

Note: Cast your vote by leaving a comment. Blogger doesn't offer polls and I don't have the inclination now to see if one can be attached. Sorry!

Okay, here are the list of DJ names:

1. - Clinton M (current)
This is is the name to beat, the current title holder. I thought it would be easy to dethrone, but as you can see it's been tougher than expected

2. - Mr. Clinton
This is a last-minute name that I thought of while blogging on my music site. It's a bit of a throwaway suggestion IMO, but hey, it could prove to be a sleeper hit.

3. - Macrobat
Chris' best suggestion for a name to date. It incorporates my surname into a clever amalgamation of "macro" and "acrobat", which in turn conjures up other ideas and themes related to my persona as a DJ. Could be good as just Macrobat or using the usual prefix, DJ Macrobat. This name is my favourite to win right now but I'm still not 100% sure of it. Oh and please don't let my favouritism sway your voting.

4. - Macro
A predictable variant. Doesn't carry the same "special meanings" as the previous idea but it still sounds kinda neat.

5. - Macroscopic
Getting technical here! The opposite of microscopic... so, what... I'm larger than life? In yo' face? Too much to handle? Getting a little doughey in the midsection? You decide, dear reader.

6. - ** Insert your Brilliant Idea Here**
Yes, I had to leave this poll open to better options than the ones already listed, of which I am confident there will be much better options born from much greater minds than my own. No pressure, people. No pressure at all...

Finally, I thought it would thoughtful to include a link to my music site, Union Progressive.com
Take a look around if you haven't already and listen to some of my sets. Hopefully this will help you help me decide on a great ass-whoopin' name!


Blogger Olman Feelyus said...

Use your name! Take advantage of what you were given:

DJ Clint

3:08 PM  
Blogger beemused said...

Hmm, Macrobat doesn't work for me... makes me think of the software adobe acrobat.

I'm not big on flashy DJ monikers. Call me boring, but I actually kinda like DJ Clinton M, or DJ Clint (as Olman suggested), or even DJ Clint M.

If I come up with an amazingly catchy yet elegantly simple DJ moniker I'll letcha know!

5:34 PM  
Blogger Kurisu said...

Well, boyee...as I said before, I've always been down with 'Clinton M'. No need for the DJ prefix, it's almost redundant.

Clint is just too 'Eastwood' for my liking. And as nice as it would seem to get away from using your own name, Macrobat almost sounds like a band name more than a record-spinning moniker.

So, one vote for Clinton M.


10:15 PM  

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