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Friday, May 05, 2006

Shit Getting Done

I am hooked on the Waiter Rant blog and obsessively reading his older posts that I missed the first time around. It's like a good TV drama. There is a definite continuity to each of his posts but I can jump around as much as I please, reading his very lastest stories and going back 2 years to his very first posts, without missing a beat or getting lost.

Getting lost. That's what I should be doing today. I've wasted so much time at work it's wonder I even bothered to show up. It's a classic Friday for me: most of the tasks requiring the most heavy listing are over with so I'm left to my own devices. Pick away at this, pick away at that. I launched a another new site but it's seriously lacking copy or even photos of property (it's a Hawaiian vacation rentals website). So it's out there, it's live, it's just woefully incomplete. Par for the course, really.

Five years in the web development industry and I can tell you deadlines are bullshit. Granted, I've only worked for small companies with less than 50 staff members. Maybe I should get a job with a Fortune 500 company and see how well I sweat it out. Anywhere else, a deadline is more of a guess or wishful thinking.

As it stands, this is my Friday and nothing needs to get done and nothing will. Life is good.


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