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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Time Bandit

Making any sort of comments on the fleeting quality of time is one of the worst cliche out there, and sadly, it's cliche I indulge in all too often.

If time flew by during university, and started to really blow by in the years following as a working stiff, then right about now I'd say my time machine is in overdrive.

My days are so very short and compressed. It's as if my mind is reaching out into the space-time fabric and consciously condensing it down into this globule of time-stuff that I can easily grab and shove into my pocket. Maybe that's a poor analogy. It implies too much control and dominance, that I actually have the power to handle my time with such mastery. I wish that were true.

At this point, you my infer that I have a hectic life and run myself ragged each day with errands, activities, work, friends and hobbies. Again, if this were only true, I might not be sitting here after my work lunch break typing a long overdue entry into my blog, thinking how quickly 5:30 will come around, how quickly my gym workout will go by and how quickly it will be until it is once again 12:30am and I reach that critical mental junction on whether to retire to bed or do something else that will keep me up late.

This awareness of time has brought back memories of Eckhart Tolle's book, The Power of Now, which is an entire book dedicated to that greatest of cliches: living your life in the moment: Living in the Now! Watch as I butcher my paraphrasing of this wonderful book. In one of the chapters, Eckhart touches on the phenomenon of having time slow down once you learn to live completely in the Now. When you exist in the present with the world, its beauty comes out to you. The opposite, of course, is projecting your mind into the future of worries, wants and hopes, resulting in a sensation of present time slipping away and moving too quickly. The present and everything in it becomes frivolous and tiresome.

So let's assume my mind is projecting waaay ahead into the black unknown that is the Future. Why? I cannot say. I'm obviously waiting for something, but I don't know what. I'm waiting for something in my life to happen and it's not just the Landmark Forum seminar I'm going to next weekend. No, I've been waiting for that since I signed up back in December.

Actually what I've been probably doing is sweeping all of my personal issues under the short-term rug, knowing that some answers are (hopefully) on their way. Landmark: that's an entry or two all unto itself.

I'd like to write about it just prior to beginning my first session next Friday, and again after the intensive full 3-day program plus follow-up Tuesday evening. I don't know if you're as curious about the psychic Before and After as I am. I can't wait.

Hah. There I go again.


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